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Saturday, October 31, 2009

36 weeks and last Bama game

Well, Davis and I have reached 36 weeks so we are on the less than a month count down! I think we are both ready for him to arrive- he is clearly out of room taking it out on my ribs and my bladder in an effort to make some more room! Poor baby has limited space since i am so short waisted. I just cannot wait to meet my little man:)

I went for my now weekly checkups on this past tuesday and still everything seems fine. I had a little blood pressure scare though. It was pretty high on Tuesday and so they wanted me to come back Thursday to have it re-checked. It was back down and nothing to worry about- we have been joking that I will still worked up from the Alabama/ Tennessee game! If the last minutes of that game did not put me in labor then Davis may never come!!!

Below are pictures to commemorate my last home bama game. I decided going to the LSU game at 38+ weeks pregnant November 7th may not be a real good idea. It was not a pretty win but ROLL TIDE!!

From Groce Family

From Groce Family

From Groce Family

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