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Sunday, October 11, 2009

34 weeks!

We seem to be inching closer and closer to our little man's arrival! I went to the doctor again this week but the appointment was pretty uneventful. Everything still seems fine and I have another appointment on October 20th, then I start going once a week. I have gotten very uncomfortable and very limited in what I can physically do. If I drop something on the floor these days and no one is around it almost makes me want to cry- I stand there and think for a minute "how bad do I need that?" I also have had heartburn very, very bad and Zantac and tums were not phasing it! But Dr. Dupre put me on Nexium and that seems to be giving me some relief.

I also had a prenatal massage this week because I have had some swelling and my back has been really bothering me. I highly recommend them to any pregnant woman. This girl knew exactly what is sore on a pregnant body and spent a lot of time on my feet and ankles and back! And the best part is the cutout pillow that allows a 34 week pregnant woman to lay on her stomach! I used to be a stomach sleeper and this was so wonderful because it has been since April that I have been able to lay on my stomach. Davis seemed to enjoy it too- he did not move all that much during the massage:)

Below are pictures at 33 and 34 weeks pregnant- the belly has taken over:)
From Groce Family

From Groce Family

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  1. You look so cute! I can't wait to see you at your shower this weekend!!!