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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cherish every moment

My family had a very eye opening month!! My dad had a heart attack a few weeks ago. He is going to be fine and we feel very lucky because he has very little damage to his heart muscle. But in those moments when I did not know what was going on and whether he would be ok- God reminded me of how precious our loved ones are and that we should cherish every moment we have with them. We never know when He might call them home. I am so very thankful today for my wonderful family and very wonderful friends, I hope each of them know how much I love them!!!

I addition to this, I just read on a friend of mine's blog about this family that lost a mother and 15 month old in a car accident. First, I cannot imagine what that family is going through or how you even go on? Only one way and I will pray they turn to God and find peace with this! Well, my friend wrote how she let her girls sleep with them last night and not worry about bad habits or blah blah blah. I could not agree more!!! they are only babies for such a short period of time and one day they will not want to sleep with us. So for now, I am going to hold on tight and snuggle my little buddy even tighter tonight...Cherishing every moment!!!


  1. So glad your dad is okay! I sure do miss you all!!!!

  2. Jeri, oh my gosh! I am so glad that your dad is alright!!! And your precious little boy is so handsome! Love the pictures of him covered in spaghetti!