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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

15 months

Well, our little man is 15 months old now and keeping us on our toes! He is truly becoming a little boy- part of me gets sad because my baby is growing up but the other part of me thinks every new phase is my favorite! He is so funny and so opinionated these days! Some funny little things Davis is up to these days:
dancing to the hot dog song on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
blowing kisses with both hands
flirting with every female waitress we come across
throwing away his own diaper
say the word bath and you better run after his to the bathroom
"winking" but with both eyes
running...anywhere and everywhere
using the dustbuster
sign language for "more"- its so cute!
finding new spots to eat his goldfish
feeding myself...love some spaghetti

Telling us the oven is hot

CLIMBING! Look at this face, does he look guilty?

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