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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Davis Allen was baptized on Sunday May 23rd. We had so many friends and our families to celebrate his big day. He looked like a little angel in all that lace:) Hunter didn't even fight me on the gown and bonnet, guess he knew it was a loosing battle. But I have promised that I will never put that much lace on our little boy again! Davis sat through the entire church service without a peep and even took a little nap after he was baptized! He really did perfect and the whole ceremony was so special. In our church, we walk in behind the baptismal flag during the procession of the cross, then when the baptism begins we process to the back of the church where the font is and all the children in the church come to the back also and gather around to watch. It really is such a sweet ceremony- just another reason I love the Episcopal Church! We had a luncheon after church at the Groce's house and all the babies played together! We had 7 children around 2 and younger- it was so sweet to see all these new little families together. We have so many special years ahead of us raising our babies together! Below are some pictures of his big day!

Procession of the cross
after church at the Groce's

Davis' godparents- Erin and Seth

Whole family- the Sharpe's and the Groce's

The water did not phase him...Davis Allen Groce, I baptize you in the name...

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