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Monday, August 10, 2009

24 week appointment

I went back to the doctor last monday for my 24 week appointment. I had the glucose test, heard Davis' heartbeat ,and was measured for the first time. I am measuring 24 inches as I am supposed to so everything seems to be right on track. One more monthly appointment and then I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks- third trimester is right around the corner.

Davis is definitely getting stronger and his kicks are getting harder:) He kicks hard enough to to see my stomach move and he has started pushing to one side or the other. I felt a little knot of the right side yesterday but don't know if it was his head or his little butt:) He is also reacting to loud sounds now too- we went to the Biscuits Game on Saturday night and they had fireworks after the game. Little man jumped after a really loud firework went off- poor baby!
Its a wonderful feeling but it makes me so ready to meet him in a few months!

Below is a picture we took this weekend at 25 weeks pregnant- getting bigger and bigger!
From Groce Family

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