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Monday, September 26, 2011

VERY behind

So, the summer got away from me and I have not updated the blog in quite a while! After our trip to Navarre in June we spent a few weekends at Susu and G's beach house on Ono Island and next thing I know...it's fall! Davis moved rooms at school in August and is LOVING his big boy activities! He loves the playground and every Friday the Big Green Bus comes to school. Davis is becoming quite the toddler...talking more and more every day and putting words together. I am still sometimes surprised when he answers me or I talk about something and he goes and does it. Nothing gets past these little ears:)

My least favorite toddler things...NO and MINE:( We are working on removing these from his vocabulary but am reassured by friends this is truly a toddler phase and not just MY child. I know he has picked this up at school as they all duke it out over toys but it just bothers me to hear him say it!

My most favorite toddler things... big hugs around my neck, kisses, seeing his silly personality, obsession with trains (Choo Choos), how he wants to "rock rock" for just a second and snuggle into me before he asks to go to bed, singing his version of the abc's amoung other songs, I could go on and on!!

But like I said, It's Fall...which means it's the most wonderful time of the year!!! (have you heard that NFL commercial??) Roll Tide!

Family picture before the North Texas game!

We did not even make it out of Tuscaloosa before he fell asleep after the Kent State game!

Wear your colors day at school...D was number 12 for his birthday!

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