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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial day 2011

We spent Memorial Day 2011 in Orange Beach, AL. Susu and G loved sharing some new experiences with Davis! He technically got on a boat last summer but he was so young he had no idea where he was. I think he loved the boat, of course everytime we went for a cruise...he fell asleep! Must be soothing for him. Who can blame him? I love a boat ride too! Saturday we went to visit our dear friends Blake and Edward and their little man George. My friend Sarah from college came down for the day too and brought Davis' birthday buddy Coleman. That's right, Sarah and I had our little boys on the same day! She beat me to it though, I think Coleman was born around lunchtime and Davis was not born until 3:37. We had a great weekend ! Davis, George, and Coleman

Davis and George playing in the waterCrackers with George
Serious discussion with Coleman

On the boat with SuSuHelping G take the boat out of the water
Same stride, same walk, same bow legs...I am a lot like my daddy:)

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