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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving feast

Since Davis was only about 2 weeks old last thanksgiving, this was his first thanksgiving meal experience! Hunter and I went to ECDC for his thanksgiving lunch and I was floored when his teacher handed him and ear of corn and he went to town!! I had not idea you could eat corn on the cob with 4 teeth but as you can see below he was really getting after it:) This thanksgiving we traveled to Hunter's grandparents house in Tanner, AL( near Decatur) spent the night and then drove about an hour to my grandparents house in Hackleburg, AL (near Florence). So, basically we spent thanksgiving in the the country! Davis did really well with all the driving thanks to Baby Enstein. I of course did not take pictures of our travels but I got a picture of Davis sproting his Turkey shirt below.

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