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Friday, September 10, 2010

where did August go?

Well, the month of August got away from me! We are now in September... I was working out of town so much that I have not had time to do a blog post. Let's see, in August...Davis learned to crawl on all fours instead of his army crawl, he started pulling up, and is now walking along tables! He had wet n wild day at school, went to see an ENT, and continues to be VERY vocal! We have given up on sleep at the Groce House but are hoping tubes will make Davis a better sleeper one day!

Another big change this month was that Davis moved from the infant room to the crawler room at school- tear:( my baby is growing up! I just loved his teachers and was very sad about him having to move but I know we will love our new teachers just as much!

Ready for Wet n Wild day!

One Saturday morning...to our surprise

My last day in the infant room. Ms. Sadye loves me!

Ms. Ally calls me chubs:)

Ms. Vaughn with my class for the last time

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