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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My little man is growing up too fast!

Well, let's see...in the last few months Davis has started crawling and the whole world has opened up to him. He is so curious and into everything! He is not crawling on his hands and knees, its more of an army crawl but he can sure move:) He is so vocal but it only consists of the da das and ba bas..and a few mmmms but no mama yet!

Last weekend he was in rare form- I went in there when he was supposed to be taking his morning nap and he was pulled up on the side of his crib. So, time to lower the crib- what an ordeal! Then I was putting away clothes in his room and left on his own had every book off his shelf and created a mountain around him. I figured that was his way of telling me he wanted to read so I stopped what I doing and sat in floor with him and read half a book before he was on the move again! I don't know why he is so fascinated by everything I don't want him to touch like cords, glass, etc. I see signs of fearless, destructiveness and I am realizing my days of seeing what little boys are all about are upon me...here we go!

Davis is still not napping in a crib if put down awake as these pictures show he will not have anything to do with a nap in his crib! But he loves a nap with mommy: I know, so bad- but when you work full time you cherish these precious moments of a sweet sleeping child who searches for you in his sleep and holds on to you.

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  1. LOVE HIM!!! He gets cuter everytime I see him :)